We had Progressive Auto Insurance for three or four years, and it was a miserable experience. Every six months, instead of just sending a friendly notice saying it is time to renew, we would get a cancellation notice saying that unless we paid by such and such a time, our insurance would cancelled. The one time we had a claim, I ended up doing a bunch of the leg work myself, making phone calls, etc. This was stuff that I never had to do when I had a claim with Safeco, or with Allstate.  When we bought our house, we insured it with Allstate. We looked at switching our auto insurance over, but I had to wait for a ticket to fall off. The ticket was due to fall off in October, and we were planning on switching. One of the other requirements was that we had been continuously insured for the previous year. Around June or July, we got a letter from the state of New York saying that because our insurance had lapsed, we he to turn in our plates, or be fined, or possibly go to jail. What the hell? I called the state, and they said our insurance had been cancelled 18 days earlier. What??? I called progressive, and was told our insurance had been cancelled due to non-payment. What? I talked to my wife, and we had never gotten a bill. We had not gotten a cancellation notice. We got nothing. Progressive claimed they sent us a couple things. WE NEVER GOT THEM! So now we were forced to resign with Progressive. We had to pay the state hundreds of dollars in fines. So instead of being able to switch over to Allstate in October, we had to wait one year from that point. So we got a big Screw You from Progressive. As soon as we could, we dumped Progressive. It was a horrible experience.